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Your Account Portal automates most tasks that you would normally need help from a Admin or staff
Your Account Portal also contains information about your x10free-hosting account such as closed and open support tickets.

Your Account Portal allows you to do the following:

  • On the first page
    • see you cPanel username ( you can not change it )
    • use the link (account main domain which you can not change) to your Web site
    • see which package your account has - and you can upgrade your account package
    • click on [ Unsure what you should do now? ] to see tips about using cPanel
    • click on the blue botton [ Access cPanel ] to goto your cPanel Web page (with auto log-in)

  • Under - Account Settings
    • Reset or change your account contact Email address
    • Reset or change your password

Creating a support ticket is the way for you to seek assistance with your account

The Account Portal log-in page is at

Once you reach the log-in page - to login - you must use your forum Username and forum Password -or- your account Email and forum Password

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