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New users at x10free-hosting are provided with a free subdomain. There is a selection to choose from - such as or and others - which one you chose will become your account's primary (main) domain.

You can NOT change your primary (main) domain - however you can setup parked domains that will show the exact same Web site as your primary (main) domain - and at the same time - you can setup addon domains that have their own area - each one being a complete Web site.

Before you begin to work in cPanel - make sure the Nameservers for your domain are set for x10hosting's DNS servers.
you need to be sure both (2) are enter at you provider's Web site - and only these two (2)

[ ]
[ ] 

Note that DNS propagation can take up to 72+ hours.

There are two ways to add your domain to your x10hosting free-hosting account - you can pick only one
as a Addon Domain
or as a Parked Domain

Addon Domain

Addon domains allow you to run additional websites from your hosting account. Each loads its web files from a area (folder) you choose.

Login to your cPanel - then click on Addon Domains in the Domains box

Select add addon domain in cPanel

Fill in the form, including your domain name and the path to the folder you want to put the files for this additional website - then click [ Add Domain ]

Modify your addon domain in cPanel

Note that although you are asked for details to create a new username and password for this domain - your current login details still have full access.

Upload all your files for this domain in your specified folder - such as /public_html/

Addon domains will not work until they are registered with a valid registrar and configured to point to x10hosting's DNS servers.

Parked Domain

Parked Domains allow you to "point" or "park" additional domain names to your existing hosting account. This will allow users to reach your existing website when entering the "pointed" or "parked" domain into their browsers.

A parked domain will show the exact same site as your account's main domain. The key difference is that the email accounts are separate from your main domain unless you added the email account as a catch-all email.

Login to your cPanel - then click on Parked Domains in the Domains box.

Select add parked domain in cPanel

Enter the name of your own domain - then click [ Add Domain ]

Modify your parked domain in cPanel

Domains must be registered with a valid registrar before they can be parked - parked domains will not work until they are configured with x10hosting's DNS servers

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