How to log-in to your cPanel

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cPanel is a web based - control panel - that provides a graphical interface and automation tools that are designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site by website owners - through a standard Web browser over the Internet.

cPanel is the Web page used to administer your website - and it's components such as email accounts - databases - domains and more.

First step is to go to - then log-in at your cPanel Web page
To get to the cPanel Web page x10hosting has two (2) ways for you to use

1.> put your account domain (the one you setup - while making your account) in your browser's address bar
then add [ :2082 ] to the end of it - should look like this [ mydomain:2082 ]
next hit the [ Enter ] key
2.> log-in to your Account Portal at
then click on the blue botton [ Access cPanel ]

Once you reach the cPanel login page, you will have to enter your cPanel credentials. The username as displayed in the Account Portal

Note that the cPanel credentials (username and password) may be different than your x10Hosting Forums account credentials

If you forgot your account password go here [ Forgot your password ]

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