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It is required that every free hosting user logs in the forum at least once every 31 days. This means that there can be at most 31 days between a first login and a second.

Inactivity suspensions are minor in the sense that you can unsuspend yourself from the Account Management Panel. It may take a few minutes until your account is unsuspended. Please only create a ticket if you are unable to unsupend yourself or you think the inactivity suspension has been an error.

Unsuspending yourself does not count as a login. Only logins at the x10Hosting Forums count. If you are unable to login once every four weeks or simply do not want to, there is an add-on that removes the inactivity timer for $3/year here.

How to Unsuspend Yourself

  1. Open your account panel and sign in.
  2. In the top nav bar, go to "Hosting-->suspensions"
  3. Scroll down to the section titled "Your Account is Currently Suspended".
  4. Click the button that says "unsuspend hosting account".

You can check the status of the unsuspension later by going to "Hosting-->open actions".

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