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Peanut Butter is a delicious sandwich spread that can also be eaten alone, or on crackers.

Making Peanut Butter

First and foremost, the peanuts are harvested and sent to shelling plants, which then sell the shelled nuts to the peanut butter factory. Once there, the nuts are roasted at 240 degrees Celsius inside an oven. During baking, the nuts are often displaced either through shaking or rocking of the tray to allow them to roast evenly.

Once roasted, the nuts are cooled to room temperature through suction fans, which halt the roasting process and prevent the peanut from becoming burnt, and also to preserve the natural oils in them. After this, they are dumped into a blanching machine which removes the outer skins, before having the two kernels split. The peanut's heart is then removed, as it is too bitter to be used in peanut butter.

The roasted and split peanuts are then fed into a large stainless steel storage container, which slowly feeds a grinder. The grinder runs at a reasonable pace, but care must be taken - too fast would produce excess heat, and would begin the roasting process again, resulting in burnt peanut butter.

Additional ingredients are often added to the resulting paste, such as salt, sugar, and hydrogenated vegetable oil, to create the final product. The hydrogenated vegetable oil is used to keep the natural peanut oil from separating from the butter and rising to the top of the jar, however adding this also adds bad trans fat (bad fat). It is possible to buy "all natural" peanut butter which lacks the vegetable oil, however the peanut oil would then rise to the top. This is solved by stirring it.

And voila! Once jarred and capped, the peanut butter is shipped everywhere. If you're lucky like x10hosting's admins, a generous Community Advocate may1 send you a jar with some cookies.

Note 1: Said Advocate was already an Advocate when the gift was sent. Bribery did not occur.

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