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== Tutorials & Related links==
== Tutorials & Related links==
* [[How to automatically backup your database]]
* [[How to Automatically Backup your Database]]
* [[MySQL Information]]
* [[MySQL Information]]
* [[FTP Details]]
* [[FTP Details]]

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phpMyBackupPro's logo, shortened pMBP

Type mySQL backup tool
Stable version 2.1
Installation level easy
Cost free
License GNU GPL

phpMyBackupPro, shortened pMBP, is a free tool for manually or automatically backup your databases. It supports backup of multiple databases, multi-user, scheduled backups and more. pMBP is very useful for both protecting your database from harm and for transferring the database to a different server.


[edit] Installation

First of all, you need to download pMBP from the official site and extract the archive. Upload the phpMyBackupPro directory found inside the archive to your public_html folder using FTP.

Now when the upload is complete, navigate to the directory in your browser. First thing you need to do is to go to the "configuration" tab and fill in your MySQL details.

Next time you visit pMBP, you will be asked to login with your mySQL username and password.

[edit] Saving to FTP

If you wish to save the backups to a FTP server check "save backups per FTP?". Put in your FTP details and the destination folder. (this may or may not work on all servers).

[edit] Send by email

Check "use email?" and fill in your email and the backup will be sent to you by email.

[edit] Security measures

Create a .htaccess file in the export directory with this content:

order deny, allow
deny from all

[edit] Tutorials & Related links

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