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May 20, 2012
Jun 1, 2011
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Professional Slacker... oh yeah and a Student

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New Member, from Naraka

Jennacide was last seen:
May 20, 2012
    1. dfsgdgdf
      I am back! And I has leftovers too! xD
    2. dfsgdgdf
      sorry lol

      was having a brain malfunction there for a moment..... time yummmm yummmm :D
    3. dfsgdgdf
      Oh hang on a second....


      I see it.
    4. dfsgdgdf
    5. dfsgdgdf
      Actually it's "I reject your reality and substitute my own.". Direct quote from Adam Savage. :P
    6. dfsgdgdf
      Nuh uh. Red is!
    7. Jennacide
      I sooooo love this song right now! So yeah, now you have to listen to it too LOL... well if ya want I guess hehe... Anyhow, I hope you like it as much as I do! Enjoy!

    8. dfsgdgdf
      So very pink.... xD
    9. Linkz0rs
      actually i have these speeds because i operate a small ISP in my area... so its kind of needed... but i guess if u look at it like that, i *could* download a torrent rather quick
    10. Linkz0rs
      hah, i cant download the internet in 2 minutes... too much data...
    11. ChatIndia
      if u have not edited then i don't know how it came there. i have not written anything like that
    12. ChatIndia
      aww. i thought corey made u an admin cuz ur replies were helpful. btw did u edit my last message. 'with an s' after 'congrats'
    13. ChatIndia
      wow. u r now administrator. congrats with an s!
    14. ChatIndia
      i read! thanks for the info bryon!
    15. Bryon
      Read the news, dude!
    16. ChatIndia
      i've asked them as well nd they refused telling me several excuse. ur a girl. therfore!
    17. ChatIndia
      how did u change ur username?
    18. mattura
      Nice dog
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  • About

    Professional Slacker... oh yeah and a Student
    First and foremost, yes, that's really me to the left there. Yes I'm a real princess, so treat me as such and we'll get along just fiiiiiiine :3

    Jennacide Fun Facts

    Real Name: Jenna
    Location: West Coast USA
    Age: 20
    Height: 5ft 0in
    Weight: 108 yeah yeah yeah, I soooo don't wanna hear it xD

    A few rules, obey them or face my wrath *giggles*

    1. I'm not interested in meeting you, being with you, or otherwise doing anything other than perhaps chatting at some point, that's it!

    2. I'm gay, that's right, you heard me, I'm a L E S B I A N and I have a girl friend so nanananana =P Deal with it

    3. Did I mention I'm soooo not interested in meeting you?

    4. I am a graphic artist and NO I will not make you a sig, avi or anything else unless we talk money. No monies = PISS OFF!

    The rules are subject to change at my discretion and nope, I don't have to tell you when I do it so xP I think I'm funny, pretty, smart, awesome, cool, amazing, wonderful, happy, enjoyable and so much more! I don't think I think highly of myself, I feel everyone should feel that way about themselves. There's no point in being all EMO and crap, it's hella lame. If you're depressed, talk to someone about it, don't go cutting yourself or contemplating suicide, that never fixes the issue, it just makes your loved ones hurt even more and that's not right.

    I have two big brothers and a big sister, so that makes me the baby and it's pretty cool. I get a long really well with my family and we do things together as often as possible. Our dad died when I was really young so mom has been raising us by herself for far too long. My mom is mos def my hero and I hope that someday I can be a fraction as loving as she is, I LOVE YOU MOM!

    I like to write, stories, tutorials, you name it, it doesn't matter as long as in the end, the reader walked away with something positive from the experience. So far all my writing classes have been A's *shrug* it comes easy to me, sue me LOL.

    I used to speak German, but that was years ago and now I can't even possibly write it much less speak, but I can get by if I had to LOL. I'm starting to learn Dutch now and it's actually not that hard especially since English is very Germanic and well, Dutch is somewhat Germanic, or is it the other way around? Oh who cares LOL you get the point hehe.

    Music is like one of the most important things in my life aside from friends and family. A few of the groups that I listen to on any kind of regular basis is: ACDC, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet For My Valentine, Cinderella, Crystal Method, Dashboard Confessional, Disturbed, Dream Theater, Drowning Pool, Emily Haines, Evanescence, Foo Fighters, Good Charlotte, Jason Mraz, Jonny Lang, Kottonmouth Kings, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Metallica, Mudvayne, My Chemical Romance, Nelly Furtado, Nevershoutnever, Nickelback, Panic At The Disco, Pantera, Paramore, Paul Oakenfold, Pink, Pink Floyd, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rob Zombie, Santana, Sixx AM, Staind, Stone Sour, Suburban Noize, The Bloodhound Gang, The Kinks, The Pussycat Dolls, The Used, Theory of a Deadman, Tool, Trapt, U2, Van Halen, Warrant, Whitechapel, Whitesnake and that's just what's on my playlist right now... I currently have 233GB of music on one of my drives LOL.

    I'm also a huge movie fan with 748GB of movies on another drive LOL. I'm soooo not going through that list. But I will say, IDC what it is, if it's by or has Quentin Tarantino in it, I'm an instant fan... anything he's had anything to do with is awesome DESU!

    Okay, so I guess I'm done for now... Got a question, post it, you know what to do!

    <3 Jenna

    All kinds of things, music, music is mos def a love of mine. Without music I'd just die...



    Jennacide - x10hosting Community Support Helper