508 Resource Limit Exceed Error

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by magicx21, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Hi there,
    I am receiving a 508 Resource limit exceed error on my website, despite I have lots of space left according to my cpanel
    Main Domain magic.x10host.com

    CPU Usage 0 / 100

    Virtual Memory Usage 9.86 / 1,024

    Physical Memory Usage 17.09 / 1,024

    Entry Processes 1 / 5

    Number of Processes 1 / 50

    I/O Usage 0 / 1,048,576

    IOPS 0 / 10

    Disk Space Usage 117.18 MB / 512 MB

    Email Accounts 0 / 3

    Subdomains 0 / 2

    Parked Domains 0 / 1

    Addon Domains 0 / 2

    FTP Accounts 0 / 3

    All SQL Databases 1 / 2

    MySQL Databases 1
    Mailing List Disk Space 0 MB
    Hosting Package adfree-infinity
    Server Name xo4
    cPanel Version 60.0 (build 28)
    Theme x3
    Apache Version 2.4.18
    PHP Version 5.5.36
    MySQL Version 10.0.30-MariaDB-cll-lve
    Architecture x86_64
    Operating System linux
    Shared IP Address
    Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
    Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl
    Perl Version 5.10.1
    Kernel Version 2.6.32-773.26.1.lve1.4.43.el6.x86_64
    cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)
    Please tell me the reason for the error, if possible, as I have only used 117MB of 512 MB total
    For information,
    I have made some backups yesterday and have been constantly editting my website yesterday so there might be I have logged in many times, please could you identify the reason for the error that would be really helpful
    Kind Regards
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    that's not the file size limit, that's one thing you have do deal with on the free hosting: number of simultaneous requests (or open files, i don't exactly know how this limit is imposed). since you're running an e-commerce catalog site, you use a lot of pictures that are being loaded at once when the page opens, seemingly exceeding a certain limit.

    another possibility - at times you could hit a cpu usage limit, wordpress is quite a cpu hog and you probably see how slow some of your pages load.

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