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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by allofus, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. allofus

    allofus New Member

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    I have been a paid customer with x10hosting for little over a year now.

    I have not spent a lot of money with x10hosting, but who does? I have a VPS account and shared hosting account.

    Support Tickets: [​IMG] 35
    Yes, I have submitted 35 support tickets, I think that figure has to be including replies, I am not a pest or a stalker, but I have had some difficult questions to ask, technical issues of my own making and the problems have been solved every time.

    An example;
    About 2 weeks ago my password protected directories were, well unprotected, I submitted a ticket, explained what the symptoms were and that if I have caused it i did not know how.

    I can only imagine how long it may have taken for Corey and his team to get to the bottom of this problem, turns out I had written erroneous code to my .htaccess files and caused the error myself.

    x10 backed up my .htaccess, edited the code and fixed the problem for me. How many hosts do you know of that will do that for you?

    Below is a copy of my latest interaction via x10hosting support ticket system;

    In effect I requested software installing on the Apache server and x10 / Corey has carried out the task ON THE SAME DAY without question.

    I did not ask if I could post a copy of it here, but I can't see it being an issue really, besides I am writing this as an endorsement.

    I have had experience with 3 other (remaining unnamed) hosts and lost money, work and time and had an all round bad experience with all 3 of them. Nothing but trouble, x10 on the other hand are helpful, reliable, very cheap and clearly human.

    The world is a sad, dirty place and I find it very uplifting to get so much for so little from x10 and come to think of it FREE. Having just bought and paid for another 12 months of services and only paid for 10 ;-)

    I sincerely think they run an industry leading hosting company and I trust they will continue to grow and enhance their business model.

    Whilst I am giving credit where credit is due;

    We put in a request to upgrade our package size on our VPS and Corey basically told us to keep our money, wait a few days.

    Sure enough a few days later the packages were enhanced and I ask you this, how many companies, be it hosting or otherwise are you aware of that say 'if I were you I would buy in a couple of days it will save you some money'???

    Only the decent ones, that's for sure...

    Matthew Green
    Client 09/22/2009 04:35 hello,

    I am building a drupal managed website;

    Upload progress Not enabled
    Your server is capable of displaying file upload progress, but does not have the required libraries. It is recommended to install the PECL uploadprogress library (( )) (preferred) or to install APC (( )).

    The scripting basically uses one of the 2 above mentioned packages to display a progress bar when files are being uploaded.

    Is it possible to install one of these packages for us? or are you aware of a different approach that will provide the same results? I do not have root access so when I run the installer command 'pecl install uploadprogress' it fails.

    There are 3 perl modules found by cpanel when I search for 'uploadprogress' but I am not confident that installing them will make any difference.

    Apache2::UploadProgress (0.2)
    Catalyst::plugin::UploadProgress (0.04)
    Catalyst::plugin::UploadProgress::Static (undef)

    Thanks you for your time and consideration;

    Matthew Green.

    IP Address: **********
    Corey Arbogast
    Staff 09/22/2009 14:00
    Hi Matthew,

    I've installed the extension and restarted apache, you should be good to go.

    Best Regards,
    Corey You rated this response

    Matthew Green
    Client 09/22/2009 17:26

    Thanks for doing that for us, I have checked and the module I have installed is responding to the extension you have installed.




    Corey Arbogast
    Staff 09/22/2009 17:29
    No problem! :) You rated this response :biggthump:biggthump:biggthump:biggthump:biggthump
  2. Brandon

    Brandon Former Senior Account Rep Community Support

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    Thanks for the kind words sir :).
  3. allofus

    allofus New Member

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    I have had helpful back-end support from you.

    I thank you Sir, but my intention of posting this endorsement is more one of advice for would be customers, than to thank you for your help.

    There are lots of hosting companies, LOTS and investing 1,2,3,4, $500+ on the internet is a risky business.

    I know, in the past I have taken risks and lost money, but it does not need to be a risky business. If just one person reads this thread and accepts what I have said as genuine, decides to invest here, instead of some other questionable hosting company it was worth writing.

    As I said already
    but I firmly believe that we all should take responsibility for the mess and do our bit to change it, give, instead of take.

    That is my intention, to give a little.
    Helping someone else to not make the mistakes we have ourselves made is the human thing to do.

    Take the advice or leave it, your choice.
  4. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

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    For all I know, I haven't seen or heard of many hosts willing to go into your account to edit your files unless it's causing problems with the server unless you pay for their higher up support or something they did isn't letting you do something. Many times they'll just give you a server to run on, disk space, bandwidth, and some basic support and that's it. x10Hosting is a great host. I'm using the free Ad-Free service.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2009
  5. allofus

    allofus New Member

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    2 months later!

    Support Tickets: 37 Ticket/s (oh my it really does not reflect replies... that means I bugged support 37 times (and helped at least once))

    Satisfaction 99/100
    Persolnal blame 1/100
    overall 100/100

    Yes 100%. I do need to put this into context slightly. There was a cpanel update, it was not good and failed so there was a 3 day period that was not 100% satisfactory.

    It turns out that x10 was not the cause, cpanel was!
    cpanel 95/100
    Personal blame 0/100
    overall 95/100

    I am not a cpanel client and cpanel did not fail me. x10 is a cpanel client and cpanel failed x10. I understand that and that is why I give x10 100% because despite a very brief downtime x10 was not to blame.

    It was neither my fault or the fault of x10 that cpanel made a few minor errors about 2 weeks ago which resulted in a few minutes downtime.

    omg, stop press, a few minutes downtime and with no data-loss. Yes that is all I have to report back in 2 months, a few minutes downtime caused by an outside organisation and the result of x10 keeping up to date. What a disgrace, lol.

    A quick recompile by x10 and all was well again.

    What am I getting at?
    I have been putting my money where my mouth is where hosting is concerned for about 16 months.

    The first couple of months I lost a fist full of dollars, literally. Not with x10, but so-called rivals. Believe it or not I actually spent the equivalent of a year with x10 and got nothing. They took my money, accused me of being a tosser and kicked me. For those who do not know a tosser is a 'terms of service ser' apparently.

    That was the best explanation I got anyway.

    Ok, I know it sounds funny, lets all laugh out loud, after-all another human was scolded and that is funny right?

    So what is so different? why is it that I am here over a year later with 3 products from x10. vps + shared premium + registration oh and added IP's so thats like 5 products from x10.

    What gives?

    Apart from having 5 products for a song? ok maybe you do not get it yet...

    I am no more or less human than you are. I have been ripped off, just like many have with hosting packages and I have also decided to be an x10 client. x10 have delivered on their contractual obligations and then gone above and beyond, helped me and my team. Their hosting packages. YEA as far as I know (so far) it really is unlimmited. 10 gb (nearly) and counting. Every day we add to our podcasts of our live shows and a file share library, not to mention the behind the scenes backups that are several gb's also, and btw our media (shoutcast) is broadcast via an x10 VPS also, yes every day our usage grows and every day we are confident that this is not an issue because we were able to communicate with x10 (inc Corey (owner I think)) and state our intent. Actually before we agreed to a contract we expressed our intent to x10 and no issue was ever raised.

    What does this actually mean to you?

    It means that you can take me to be a fellow human, accept that I am endorcing x10 for nothing other than to help you and follow my advice of working with x10, or ignore me, regret it later and on your own head be it.

    Why do you think I am writing these updates?

    getting paid... Yes please, but really NO!

    nothing better to do... yea right, we pay good money for hosting to convince you we are being ripped off.

    I hate you... If I am correct you will smell a rat, take an about turn and throw away yet more money to yet another 2-bit host that was not worthy of your time or money.

    True intent, being treated like a fool, having hard earned cash taken with little/nothing in return is not fair (in my book) and I (we being 4ALLofUS Team) can do no more than express what our true feelings are..

    Yes feelings are subjective, yes my motive is questionable but yes I open myself and my team to scrutiny. The internet is only as impartial as the individual is willing to allow it to be, contact me, contact the team if you need to, that is ok. x10 even make that easy via the service we are both using here..... PM us.

    I/we stand by our endorsement of x10 and that is why x10 is stil proudly featured on every page of our website!
  6. Danielx386

    Danielx386 Member

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    X10 is great. Once I tried this hosting, left because I get a better deal elsewhere. I became Mod on their forum, then one day the server got turned off for good. Anyway I felt that I should give x10 a second chance, and I'm loving it.


    Thanks X10!

    @Corey, Can you please get me a meat pie?
  7. dito7967

    dito7967 New Member

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    I have been with the service in the past and had a few issues (while vox was still a free server, stupid failing harddrive).

    The service now though is better then ever. Even free support is much better then I remember it. I might sit a while longer before I buy though, a) I need Mulah... b) I like to watch a service for a while to see whats up.
  8. joshua filby

    joshua filby New Member

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    Same here. :p, Cept it was my friends host, and it was getting hacked like 5 times a day, so he HAD to shut down. Therefor, I came back to X10 ;).

  9. apoorav

    apoorav New Member

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    I agree with You This is best host company we say thanks to have experience with u
  10. joejv4

    joejv4 New Member

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    I am using the adfree, free hosting service to host a small fishing forum. I tried several of the "forum host" services and was not happy with the lack of ability to customize my site. I then tried a couple different free website hosting services, and found that each of them lacked something I needed to make my phpBB3 forum fully operational. In all, I built and tested my forum over 15 times before I came across x10hosting. Here, the free account has everything I need to have a fully functional phpBB forum. I do not have any ads on my forum. The only "charge" to me is that I stop in here on the forums at least once each month!!! Is that value or what!!!!

    My "charge" is easy to pay, since these forums are very interesting, and can be downright fun to participate in. That doesn't even touch on the support side of things. While I haven't had to open a ticket, every time I asked a question on the forums, I received timely answers that helped me get up and running.

    So, would I endorse x10hosting? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!
  11. Mr. DOS

    Mr. DOS Member

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    I'm here because I needed a cheap VPS. x10 has totally delivered for $10/mo what most companies charge upwards of $20/mo for, and the VPS has exceeded my expectations. Way to go, x10.

    On a related note, the community here is fantastic as well. I was shocked (in the good way) to see an active IRC channel, and a forum this active isn't entirely common either when posting is not mandatory.

    --- Mr. DOS
  12. praytell24

    praytell24 New Member

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    I love this place. x10 and byethost are the best free web hosting services out there, for one because they have good tech support, two they let you have a lot of space to store your files, three you can actually CHOOSE to have ads on your site or not and four they allow you to host Joomla, which in my opinion is the best CMS out there.

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