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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by nicpresc, May 11, 2018.

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    I am trying to establish Indexhibit on my servers, and as you may know, this requires the Permissions on certain files to be set to 777. I've tried three different FTP clients (currently on Filezilla) and I've even tried to set them directly on the x10Hosting file manager, but no luck. Is there any way an administrator could set the folder /public_html/files to 777, and the files /public_html/files/dimgs, /public_html/files/gimgs, /public_html/ndxzsite/cache, and /public_html/ndxzsite/config to 777 for me? It would be much appreciated! If not possible, could someone please walk me through a process for making my permissions stick? Thanks!

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    Hi, I was having the same prob with 775 for SMF forum's attachment folder.

    The htaccess in that folder forbids scripts running in it, thus taking the edge off security concerns. I think someone helped with that (775 sticks now).

    I think you'll be asking a lot for 777 as that gives full read write permission to the world.

    I'd never heard of Indexhibit until I read your post. I had a Google and watched a few Youtube videos. What attracts you to something so boring looking compared to a CMS like Wordpress?
    Cheers, Rodney.

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