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    Receiving the following error message when trying to access portions of my site.

    A Database Error Occurred
    Error Number: 1021

    Disk full (/dev/shm/#sql_83f6b_2.MAI); waiting for someone to free some space... (errno: 28 "No space left on device")

    SELECT * FROM (`nova_menu_items`) JOIN `nova_menu_categories` ON `nova_menu_categories`.`menucat_menu_cat` = `nova_menu_items`.`menu_cat` WHERE `menu_type` = 'adminsub' AND `menu_display` = 'y' ORDER BY `menu_group` asc, `menu_order` asc

    Filename: /home/hartingt/public_html/hartingt_nova/nova/modules/core/models/nova_menu_model.php

    Line Number: 99

    Unsure what to do from here, any assistance appreciated.

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