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    I have enabled Roundcube for webmail and disabled the other options, this is due to a specific configuration to prevent spamming. Roundcube is better anyways, right?

    Regarding email... sometimes people say free hosting email will always end up in the spam folder or is blocked by ISPs. This is not true. We take spam very seriously and have measures setup to to prevent spam from even leaving our network. The free hosting mail server is actually rated 'good' with senderbase and is not on any blacklists.

    If you are having issues sending mail make sure you have setup your SPF record and that it includes the outgoing mail server IP of "", also make sure you setup domain keys. Read over your email and make sure it does not contain anything you think would be considered spam, mentioning viagra to your best friend may not be the best thing to do as your mail may just disappear after you hit send. You can set a SPF record and Domain Keys right from the Email Authentication section of your cPanel.

    Recap: Webmail should work, free hosting email is awesome.
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