Having Hard Time Connecting Domain 'nicprescott.tk'

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nicpresc, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Hi everyone! I just finished my website and uploaded it through the FTP to publish it. I'm new to x10 (I used to use github pages but they don't seem to let code render well sometimes) and am having trouble parking my domain nicprescott.tk to my website nicprescott.x10host.com. I normally use cloaking redirect, but I wouldn't like to do that because it is basically an iFrame of my x10 website and would look like a blank page to any search engines. I've waited for 24 hours for my domain to register to ns1 and ns2 of x10hosting.com. Now I went to register it with x10, but it says 'Park::park($RAW_FORM{'domain'}) failed: (XID ukndsz) Could not determine the nameserver IP addresses for “nicprescott.tk”. Please make sure that the domain is registered with a valid domain registrar.' I read some other threads and thought maybe it was wacky web protocol like with the '.pt' domain extension, so I was wondering if a staff member might be able to manually park my domain? Thanks in advance for a speedy response!
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    Have you tried clearing your cache? Or refreshing your browser?

    Am also able to visit your page at http://nicprescott.tk

    Suggestion - check your website on various browsers.
    On Opera, it seems like the CSS is not rendering the page correctly as the paragraph and some texts are overlapping.

    Also noted that - http://nicprescott.x10host.com does not have the same display issue like on your .tk domain. It has different display issues instead. Or it could be just Opera not rendering the pages correctly.
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    The problem there is that Typekit isn't licensed to the .tk domain - that needs to be added to the published addresses list.

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