Here are some ups and downs of having a free hosting account.

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    Please be noted these are my opinions.

    Lets you code your own website
    Gives you free MySQL and PHP servers
    Gives you free emails
    Lets you send emails with PHP

    Limited databases (can upgrade to get more)
    File limit (10mb idk if you can upgrade to remove this)
    Site likes to go down sometimes

    x10hosting will continue to be my preferred hosting provider for the time. I believe they provide the best services compared to Hostinger and other competitors. Tell me what you think below!
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    I have tried almost every free hosting out there today,
    and honestly no one has come close to x10hosting for free accounts.

    many now require you to participate in their forums and earn points
    for the free hosting, or they jump to fast to delete your free account.
    at least x10 is understanding and allows many suspended accounts
    to be un-suspended by easily asking them to do it usually.
    even 3 or 4 months after they were suspended.

    in the 2 to 3 years ive had x10hosting, the only cons i seen are:

    - the file size limit of 10mb. (and the auto-delete if it is over 10mb)
    - the 30day login rule (that so many forget about, leading to suspensions)
    - the change from cpanel to DirectAdmin (i preferred cpanel with x3 theme)
    (it took me a while to get used to the directadmin interface)

    i never experienced downtime yet in 3 yrs ive been here.
    i never had an issue with the amount of mysql databases,
    it helps that in most cases you can add scripts to the same database.

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