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    I can specify the width, but I'm having trouble telling the server how long to make my tables. How can I do this?

    edit: I've realized that I can make the table longer, but how do I make the table shorter than the default?

    ie: I cannot make the height less than 50, but I want it to be 35.
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    Table length is automatically parsed corresponding to how many rows you have in your table.
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    Generally, tables by default will fit the contents.

    i.e., if you have a table with no settings, each cell will default to fit the text size.

    This means that a table with 4 rows for instance but nothing in any of the cells will have a height proportional to 4 x the text height + the default padding.

    You can over-ride these in the css.

    I don't think the table css itself makes much difference but if you alter the cell heights, it should do what you want.


    td {
    max-height: 35px;
    margin: whatever;
    padding: whatever;
    overflow: auto;

    Alternatively, you may want to just change the text size for each cell which will have a similar effect.

    If you want the whole table to be shorter, you'll have to put it into another container and then specify a max-height for that container - with overflow: auto

    Just be wary of different browsers though - especially IE6!

    Not sure what you mean by "telling the server how long to make my tables" - this isn't a server instruction, unless you wanted to make the css definitions into say php variables???

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