[IPB] Boards Next to Each Other?

Discussion in 'Scripts, 3rd Party Apps, and Programming' started by Silhouettex, Aug 2, 2011.

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    I hope I am posting in the right spot, as I am new to these forums.

    Anyway I was wondering if someone could help me with a code I've been looking for for my IPB forum. I would like to know how to place the boards (within a category) next to each other in a horizontal row, instead of having to have them all vertically aligned? I was told before that I need to meddle with some PHP in order to get this to work, but in all honesty I am quite new at PHP. If someone could help guide me in how to do this, it would be appreciated!

    Also if there's a way to make only certain categories have this alignment, or a category to have a different alignment (one have 3 per row, another have 4 per row) it would be awesome if I could get help on this!

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