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    Nothing special; it's a gaming forum which isn't geared at a certain group of gamers, because those that obsess over what I feel are rubbish (console FPS etc) could mix with the actual gamers who have heard of a Game Boy, for example.

    I chose ABXD for the software, it's not very professional or highly customisable, and hasn't been updated since late 2014 when the project was put on hold for an unstated time. But it looks nice and is pretty easy to use, among other things. I don't care for flashy features or advanced things, I care more for how easy it is for the user to use and the weight of the software. The software reflects the personality of the site.

    Unfortunately the site has an issue with this host (but not other hosts) where it doesn't refresh automatically, I don't know why it does that here and not anywhere else.

    Generally we're about gamers that also want to look past the bigger communities mainly because older gamers will be getting more lost over time as more younger people join who have never heard of anything made before 2005, probably the worst part of a gaming community is when you think no one on there knows the 'golden age' of video games (the 1990s).

    I don't honestly expect you to actually like the board right now and simply criticise me for using a lesser-known forum software (although you'll know what to expect if you remember Acmlm's Board's interface), but it's been remade eight times so far mostly due to some unknown person who is obsessed with spamming them and such.

    Give it a go... :)

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