My site got hacked! google to the rescue.

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    The above link is very useful as it helped me get my friend's website "unlisted" as hacked. He made a Joomla site and did not upgrade since 3.3.6 (by the way Joomla is now 3.6) And Google sent him a warning to let him know that his site was infected by malware.

    My friend was puzzled as he had not visited his site for sometime and why would he put malware in his website??? The above website showed me how to get the full details of what google found. It listed the exact pages that had some "page redirect scripts" It can even tell where it redirects people to.

    Also useful sites to analyse your site.
    Went in and backed up the site (Lesson - always back up before you get hacked, after you get hacked, you are backing up an infected site. Only did it just in case something worse happens)

    Manually copied the text from the main articles (thankfully he only had 15 pages)

    Then deleted the 3.3.6 and upgraded the 3.6. And viola! no more scripts. Went to look at the code to sniff out the redirect scripts and didn't find any. One problem (if I may call it so) is that I don't know how to find the backdoor script. Read that even after vigorous cleaning, a backdoor can render all that work worthless.

    Anyone know how to spot a backdoor? Do we check in the Joomla code or do we look in the public_html folder of our CPanel file manager hosting? is a list of government validated security software tools :)
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