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    I don't use post in forums much because I usually search for an answer.
    So excuse my enthusiasm in my format of this post

    I am uploading my prestashop that I have been testing using localhost xampp.
    It is simple uploading the prestashop folder via ftp into /public_html/prestashop/

    The confusion is the sql database.
    So I made a mysql database called slapessh_prestashop. Then imported the local host database called prestashop into the x10hosting phpmyadmin database called slapessh_prestashop.

    I then went into my localhost folder prestashop/config/ and changed the database name to slapessh_prestashop and also renamed the localhost database from prestashop to slapessh_prestashop.
    I tested it and it worked HOORAY.

    Now I need to enter the database server address into the settings.ini.php file but am not sure what to enter.
    As you see below I have put

    My question is what should I put in this line?
    *define('_DB_SERVER_', '');*
    define('_DB_SERVER_', '');
    define('_DB_NAME_', 'slapessh_prestashop');
    define('_DB_USER_', '*****');
    define('_DB_PASSWD_', '******');
    define('_DB_PREFIX_', 'ps_');
    define('_MYSQL_ENGINE_', 'InnoDB');
    define('_PS_CACHING_SYSTEM_', 'CacheMemcache');
    define('_PS_CACHE_ENABLED_', '0');
    define('_COOKIE_KEY_', 'ajTAV0uwpJeKAWZruh469LQmbffeNiXrHn3zz5bKwynBUO8opJIBM2Dv');
    define('_COOKIE_IV_', 'RdIqekYm');
    define('_PS_CREATION_DATE_', '2017-03-15');
    if (!defined('_PS_VERSION_'))
    define('_PS_VERSION_', '');
    define('_RIJNDAEL_KEY_', '283XscoA5aDRZhIuzXNufA0sVH2nmYX7');
    define('_RIJNDAEL_IV_', 'KKzz1jc5ijGglH/vysf52A==');

    Another question is do I change these fields too. I put * there for security
    define('_DB_USER_', '*****');
    define('_DB_PASSWD_', '******');
    Again excuse me I have only got into internet stuff and making sites over the last week.
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    The db server should be set as localhost.

    _DB_USER_ and _DB_PASSWD_ would not change because you import a backup, but they do need to match what you have used when creating the database here on the server.

    Note that under databases in control panel you have the option to create a user and add it to a certain database, if you didn't do that when creating the database (on the basic theme I recall it is a wizard that walks you through all steps including user and password so you might have done it), you need to sort that part out, and whatever you put for username and password in that step is what should be in _DB_USER_ and _DB_PASSWD_ as config values

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