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    There are multiple posts concerning this but none of the info available in them has helped me solve my problem.

    I used x10's sitebuilder to put up a basic site at

    When I put a contact form into my contact page it all looks fine but no email is sent when the form is filled out.

    I checked "name", "email", and "message" on the first tab for simple fields

    on the "email settings" tab i filled in my x10 hosted email address under "Form will be sent to this E-mail"

    I tried my email and it did not work. I also set up a email and tried that with no success.

    I was sure to fill out the form with a real sender email and a couple sentence long message so as to not be blocked by spam filters.

    I filled the form through the published site and not the preview.

    None of this has allowed me to receive emails from the form submittal. Is there something I am doing wrong or will I need to change something in cPanel or what.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Casey Miller

    I tried changing the from field in phpmailer.classes.php file to my local email address and this didn't help so I changed it back to default. I cant find where the code is taking
    'email' => ''
    from the index.php page and inserting it into phpmailer's scripts.

    I tried setting up a whole new account and installed a default template and changed only the "form will be sent to this email" setting. Still could not get anything to go through.

    Then I went in and modified that setting to include 3 different addresses. Finally Success! I received all 3 emails.

    So I went back to my real account and changed all the stuff I had fiddled with back to default and put in 3 different email address's and still no dice.

    Anyhow, I would love some help here. If not I guess ill just rebuild the dang thing as a flat site because my php knowledge is not up to the task of finding this problem on my own.
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    Casey - I have a similar problem. Where did you find the "email settings" tab?

    When I enter information into the contact form and click 'submit', an error message comes back to me: "An embedded page on this webpage says: Form configuration error". Can anyone help?
    All the best,

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