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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by livestr6, Mar 19, 2017.

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    Ok, it good that your want your customers to keep on using X1Ohosting, however, that does not mean that you have to scare monger the customer by saying that you will be suspending the account. That is called bad customer services. And there is a law that state about bad customer services. it doesn't really matter what country your in, the law is still the same on that one, usa, uk, anyway its still the same.

    So, this come to the Question; Why do you, as a business, think, its ok to scare monger your customers to used this company?

    ps: think I need to make it clear. I will as my college if they know a internet web reporter so I can put this on their website if you do not reply back. you have two weeks to reply.
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    IMO, in order to be a "customer" you have PAY. They provide FREE hosting. From what I have seen they only suspend accounts that violate THEIR Terms Of Service for THEIR FREE hosting.

    Servers/bandwidth for hosting as well as servers/bandwidth for forums cost money. Money you don't have to pay.
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    I'm sure your "You have two weeks to reply." comment has them shaking in their boots. I do not think it is "scare mongering" to state to potential customers for FREE hosting that you MUST ABIDE by the ToS or your privileges will be terminated. This only makes it safer and more secure for those of us that try to follow the ToS and appreciate the service we are offered.
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    In addition to what's already been stated, I'm also unsure on what these "bad customer service" laws are you're referring to. Any service provider can set the laws and regulations for their services; if you're upset that we do make clear we can suspend accounts for violations of our Terms of Service, here's a few others that do the same:

    This one I particularly like because it's way more intense than any other Terms of Service I've seen, including ours:

    Of all the ones I've viewed over the years, Apple's is the only one that, as part of agreeing to it, makes it clear you can actually be charged monetarily for violations of the ToS. Theirs was also last updated November 20th, 2009.

    Now that we've established at least three major companies use similar (or worse) language in their Terms of Service, can you explain the concerns you have in more detail? I'm guessing there's more going on here than just fear over being suspended for breaching the ToS, as chances are you've used at least one of these services in the past.
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