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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by garrettroyce, Jan 13, 2021.

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    Hey, x10ers!

    Traditionally, I have recommended free users utilize CloudFlare to provide SSL for their websites because x10 did not support users adding their own SSL certificate. Most users are reporting that their website has an invalid certificate if they do not use this. There are some issues and limitations with this, and, hopefully, it will not be necessary from this point on.

    There is an SSL configuration screen in DirectAdmin, but the link appears to be missing. In the search bar, type "SSL" and the option will appear below your search. Alternatively, navigate to /user/ssl (links below).

    It's going to be really tempting to use the free certificate from Let's Encrypt. Right now, thousands of x10hosting free users are automatically being upgraded to this option! Unfortunately, Let's Encrypt does not let x10 register thousands of users at once. The registrations must be spaced out over hours, which will take many weeks to complete for every single account. If you choose that option and force it to happen manually, you will get a rate limit error until this backlog is cleared. x10 management is working on clearing this backlog.

    Until then, you can generate a self-signed certificate (which is still invalid according to your browser unless you have the tech savvy to override it), you can use the shared certificate (which will be invalid), or you can upload your own certificate. You can purchase a certificate from tons of vendors on the internet; just search for "SSL certificate" and pick your favorite.

    I'm tagging users that have requested this feature below.

    Links (pick your server from the list):

    users requesting:

    I apologize if I missed anyone or added anyone erroneously.

    Please create a new post in the forum if you have any questions or concerns.
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