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    Our Terms of Service have been updated on March 10, 2012. You can read the updated version at http://x10hosting.com/terms, but I've outlined what has changed below:

    The following sections have been added/modified:

    1. Server Usage
    Image galleries, video galleries, or music collections: Limited to 1 GB of disk space.
    Flash Arcades: Flash arcade sites are limited to 1GB of disk space for the game files.

    By continuing to use our services, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Service. Should your website be found breaking the Terms of Service for a violation of disk usage (as indicated above), you will be given ample time to correct the issue.

    Please reply to this thread only if you have a question or feedback about our Terms of Service. Support requests and off-topic comments will be deleted, and repeated instances of this will result in the thread being locked.
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