The full file path, including home/myusername/public_html, appears in URL

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    It runs on Pico CMS. All of the links are generated. On visiting the site, the page source reveals all of the URLs are correct, eg:
    Using any of the navigation links simply reloads the homepage, but the page source reveals all of the URLs have had home/myusername/public_html added into them, eg:
    From this point, the navigation works correctly but the additional directories are still present, both in the page source and the browser address bar.
    A non-existant page redirects to the 404 page but only if the additional directories are included in the path, otherwise it redirects to the home page.
    I don't believe the CMS is at fault because I zipped the site and uploaded it to a different host, where it works without this problem.
    I tried 4 other CMSs and experienced exactly the same with 3 of them.
    I'd like a fix for this but would welcome any ideas, thank you.

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