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    I would like first of all to thank Corey, Livewire, Dead-i, and several others that have helped me here over the years.

    I am a retired US Army Veteran, trying to survive on Social Security, so it would be impossible for me to pay for the quality of hosting that X10 provides to me for free.

    I have very little else to do but look out the window anymore, and have enjoyed the aquarium hobby for something over 30 yrs. so its all i have to talk about.

    That niche is currently almost dead online with most of the hobbyist going to Facebook or other such venues to get their help or information, and of course to just chat in real time, so my sites are pretty quite.

    I do however get to work with various software while building my sites, and with the help of the kind staff here, im able to muddle through, not too bad because i dont try to do anything too complicated. :) and therefore dont have very many issues.

    I would have to say that any issues i do have are created by myself, as X10 hosting servers just run well and seem to never have any down time at all.

    Well thats enough rambling aimlessly, so i will stop.

    But if i ever hit the lottery, you may rest assured that i will buy the best hosting that x10 has to offer because i would never even consider another provider.

    Thanks for putting up with me for so long :)
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