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  1. usmanj90

    usmanj90 New Member

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    Please try Google Sitemap Plugin and All in SEO!
  2. gws196884

    gws196884 New Member

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    A list of recommended or useful plug-ins like SJ.Wolfe did would be cool! In the meantime...

    • Edit Comments XT
    • Embedded Video
    • Linkable Title Html and Php Widget by PepLamb
    • Moon Phases
    • Quick Adsense
    • Spam Free Wordpress
    • TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker)
    • WordPress Importer

  3. rafaqali17

    rafaqali17 New Member

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    I use:

    • Google XML sitemaps
    • Block Spam By Math
    • Text Replace
    • Easy Contact
    • All in One SEO Pack
    • PostTabs
  4. motwera

    motwera New Member

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    i have these active plugins:

    Select AddToAny: Subscribe Button
    AddToAny: Subscribe Button

    Help readers subscribe to your blog using any feed reader or feed service.

    Version .9.9.1 | By AddToAny | Visit plugin site
    Select AntiVirus

    Security solution as a smart, effectively plugin to protect your blog against exploits and spam injections.

    Version 1.1 | By Sergej Müller | Visit plugin site | Flattr plugin | Follow on Google+
    Select Avatar

    Like the movie, but actually good. Allows you to edit a user's Avatar in the Profile / Edit User page of the admin panel. Filter's get_avatar() to return your uploaded avatar instead of your Gravatar. This plugin borrows a lot of code from BuddyPress

    Version 0.1.3 | By wonderboymusic (after all of the BuddyPress contributors) | Visit plugin site
    Select BulletProof Security
    BulletProof Security
    Website Security Protection: BulletProof Security protects your website from XSS, CSRF, Base64_encode and SQL Injection hacking attempts. One-click .htaccess WordPress security protection. Protects wp-config.php, bb-config.php, php.ini, php5.ini, install.php and readme.html with .htaccess security protection. One-click Website Maintenance Mode (HTTP 503). Additional website security checks: DB errors off, file and folder permissions check... System Info: PHP, MySQL, OS, Memory Usage, IP, Max file sizes... Built-in .htaccess file editing, uploading and downloading.

    Version .46.4 | By Edward Alexander | Visit plugin site
    Select Chatroll Live Chat
    Chatroll Live Chat
    | Chatroll Dashboard | Contact Support
    Chatroll is a great new way to reach, engage and grow your site's social media following. Add Chatroll's leading social chat widget to your WordPress sidebar, posts, and pages. Includes Facebook and Twitter support, and optional WordPress avatar support. To get started: 1) Click the "Activate" link to the left of this description, 2) Sign up for a Chatroll account, and 3) Go to your Chatroll Dashboard to create a Chatroll event and follow the WordPress install instructions.

    Version 2.1.1 | By Chatroll | Visit plugin site
    Select Comments Rating
    Comments Rating

    Let your visitors rate comments in 'Like' vs. 'Dislike' mode with clickable images. This plugin is very simple to use.

    Version 2.0 | By Michael Brown
    Select Contact Form by ContactMe.com
    Contact Form by ContactMe.com

    Contact form and button by ContactMe.com

    Version 2.1 | By ContactMe.com | Visit plugin site
    Select Enhance Admin Bar
    Enhance Admin Bar

    This Plugin Truly Enhances WordPress Admin Bar By Adding Many Useful Options For It, Like, Bit.ly Shortlink, Custom Menu in Admin Bar and a lot more.

    Version 1.0 | By Pritesh Gupta | Visit plugin site
    Select Facebook Like Box
    Facebook Like Box

    Facebook Like Box Widget is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to: see how many users already like this page, and which of their friends like it too, read recent posts from the page and Like the page with one click, without needing to visit the page.

    Version 2.1 | By Sunento Agustiar Wu | Visit plugin site
    Select Hide Admin Bar Search
    Hide Admin Bar Search

    Small plugin to hide the search box in the admin bar in both dashboard and site views.

    Version 1.0 | By Helen Hou-Sandi | Visit plugin site
    Select IE Detector
    IE Detector

    Erkennt den IE6 und IE7 und empfiehlt dem User, einen aktuelleren Browser zu installieren.

    Version 1.0 | By cubetech.ch | Visit plugin site
    Select Jetpack by WordPress.com
    Jetpack by WordPress.com
    Bring the power of the WordPress.com cloud to your self-hosted WordPress. Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a WordPress.com account to use the powerful features normally only available to WordPress.com users.

    Version 1.1.3 | By Automattic | Visit plugin site
    Select Never Moderate Registered Users
    Never Moderate Registered Users

    Never moderate or mark as spam comments made by registered users, regardless of the apparent spamminess of the comment.

    Version 2.0.2 | By Scott Reilly | Visit plugin site
    Select Register Plus Redux
    Register Plus Redux
    Enhances the user registration process with complete customization and additional administration options.

    Version 3.7.3 | By radiok | Visit plugin site
    Select RSS Importer
    RSS Importer

    Import posts from an RSS feed.

    Version 0.2 | By wordpressdotorg | Visit plugin site
    Select Shutter Reloaded
    Shutter Reloaded

    Darkens the current page and displays an image on top like Lightbox, Thickbox, etc. However this script is a lot smaller and faster.

    Version 2.4.1 | By Andrew Ozz | Visit plugin site
    Select Tabber Widget
    Tabber Widget

    Provides a simple-to-use editor to create tabbed widgets

    Version 1.0.5 | By iThemes | Visit plugin site
    Select The Website Weaver
    The Website Weaver

    Weave Your Own Websites

    Version 1.0.1 | By SpiderWeb Press | Visit plugin site
    Select W3 Total Cache
    W3 Total Cache
    The highest rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin. Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. Add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.

    Version | By Frederick Townes | Visit plugin site
    Select Wiki

    Add a wiki to your blog

    Version 1.0.6 | By S H Mohanjith (Incsub) | Visit plugin site
    Select WordPress Admin Bar Improved
    WordPress Admin Bar Improved

    A set of custom tweaks to the WordPress Admin Bar that was introduced in WP3.1

    Version 3.3.3 | By dilbert4life, electriceasel | Visit plugin site
    Select Wordpress Download Monitor
    Wordpress Download Monitor

    Manage downloads on your site, view and show hits, and output in posts. If you are upgrading Download Monitor it is a good idea to back-up your database first just in case. You may need to re-save your permalink after upgrading if your downloads stop working.

    Version | By Mike Jolley | Visit plugin site
    Select WordPress Importer
    WordPress Importer

    Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file.

    Version 0.5 | By wordpressdotorg | Visit plugin site
    Select WP-reCAPTCHA
    Integrates reCAPTCHA anti-spam solutions with wordpress

    Version 3.1.3 | By Jorge Peña | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Symposium Forum
    WP Symposium Forum

    Forum component for the Symposium suite of plug-ins. Put [symposium-forum] on any WordPress page to display forum.

    Version 11.10.1 | By WP Symposium | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Symposium Mail
    WP Symposium Mail

    Mail component for the Symposium suite of plug-ins. Put [symposium-mail] on any WordPress page.

    Version 11.10.1 | By WP Symposium | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Symposium Members Directory
    WP Symposium Members Directory

    Directory component for the Symposium suite of plug-ins. Put [symposium-members] on any WordPress page.

    Version 11.10.1 | By WP Symposium | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Symposium Profile
    WP Symposium Profile

    Member Profile component for the Symposium suite of plug-ins. Also enables Friends. Put [symposium-profile], [symposium- ], [symposium-personal], [symposium-friends] or [symposium-extended] on any WordPress page to display relevant content.

    Version 11.10.1 | By WP Symposium | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Symposium Social Network
    WP Symposium Social Network

    Core code for Symposium, this plugin must always be activated, before any other Symposium plugins/widgets (they rely upon it).

    Version 11.10.1 | By WP Symposium | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Symposium Widgets
    WP Symposium Widgets

    Widgets for use with WP Symposium.

    Version 11.10.1 | By WP Symposium | Visit plugin site
    Select WPtouch

    A plugin which formats your site with a mobile theme for visitors on Apple iPhone / iPod touch, Google Android, Blackberry Storm and Torch, Palm Pre and other touch-based smartphones.

    Version 1.9.34 | By BraveNewCode Inc. | Visit plugin site
    Select Zerby Login Widget
    Zerby Login Widget

    Authentification Widget

    Version 0.4 | By Emmanuel Grognet | Visit plugin site
  5. motwera

    motwera New Member

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    inactive ones:

    Select AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Buttons
    AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Buttons

    Help people share, bookmark, and email your posts & pages using any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, StumbleUpon, Digg and many more. [Settings]

    Version . | By AddToAny | Visit plugin site
    Select Custom menu images
    Custom menu images


    Version 0.8.5 | By 8manos | Visit plugin site
    Select Disqus Comment System
    Disqus Comment System

    The Disqus comment system replaces your WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered by Disqus. Head over to the Comments admin page to set up your DISQUS Comment System.

    Version 2.67 | By Disqus | Visit plugin site
    Select Envolve Chat
    Envolve Chat

    Adds the Envolve real-time chat tool to your blog. Envolve is a full featured chat toolbar, similar to Facebook's chat. It lets your visitors chat with each other about your content.

    Version 2.2 | By Envolve.com | Visit plugin site
    Select iconcy.com Toolbar
    iconcy.com Toolbar

    The iconcy website toolbar allows you to add the following features to your site: * navigate to the start page * integrate a button to your rss-feed * let your users tweet your content * let your users share your content to social network sites such as Delicious, Digg, Facebook, and more social bookmarking and sharing sites * Provides more then 20 themes

    Version 4.02 | By The iconcy.com Team | Visit plugin site
    Select Quick Page/Post Redirect DEV
    Quick Page/Post Redirect DEV

    Redirect Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types to another location quickly (for internal or external URLs). Includes individual post/page options, redirects for Custom Post types, non-existant 301 Quick Redirects (helpful for sites converted to WordPress), New Window functionality, and rel=nofollow functionality.

    Version 4.2.2 | By Don Fischer | Visit plugin site
    Select Sociable for WordPress 3.0
    Sociable for WordPress 3.0

    Sociable people need sociable! Sociable now for WordPress 3.0. Add sociable bookmarks to posts, pages and RSS feeds

    Version 5.13 | By Tom Pokress | Visit plugin site
    Select Tabbed Widgets
    Tabbed Widgets

    Place widgets into tabbed and accordion type interface.

    Version 1.3.1 | By Kaspars Dambis | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Forum Server
    WP Forum Server

    Version 1.7 | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Symposium Panel
    WP Symposium Panel

    Panel bottom corner of screen to display new mail, friends online, etc. Also controls live chat windows, chatroom and online status. Simply activate to add.

    Version 11.10.1 | By WP Symposium | Visit plugin site
  6. Dead-i

    Dead-i x10Hosting Support Ninja Community Support

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    Wow that's alot of plugins, motwera! :biggrin:
  7. terrencemlewis21

    terrencemlewis21 New Member

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    Plugin Central is the first one install and then I typically follow these some of these.

  8. Corey

    Corey I Break Things Staff Member

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    I think we have enough info here to do some tests... thanks to everyone that posted. The idea is to just get some basic info on how much of an impact plugins can have on a site. A lot of the plugins listed I'm not able to test due to the number of variables involved such as blog posts, comments, other plugins, etc. I have finished running tests for a base WP install along with a couple plugins and will post those results in the coming days.
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