WordPress Theme Editor redirects to an Error 404 page on my blog (Urgent)

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by JustaGirl93, May 3, 2016.

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    1. Background information: Wordpress installed via script installation method. I have installed a custom child theme I bought for the genesis framework. Yes I have both genesis + child theme installed (so I am not missing the framwork)

    2. When I try to edit the custom theme's file/code in the WP Admin - Theme Editor it redirects me to an error 404 page on my blog as soon as I hit "Update File" instead of keeping me on the WP Admin - Theme Editor page. The files that I am trying to update aka the files that get this error are the front_page.php, functions.php and theme-defaults.php

    3. The style.css and the page_landing.php files of the same theme update fine, and will say "File edited successfully" and I am still on the same page in the WP Admin - Theme Editor. All my other Wordpress themes and all of their files are also updating just fine.

    Why do I have this issue? And how do I fix it?
    I thought it was a glitch. So I have deleted the website, re-created it, re-installed the Wordpress script, the genesis framework + custom child theme about 4-5 times already but I get the SAME error/redirection on the SAME custom theme files.

    Photos included:

    1. For the themefiles that work: style.css and page_landing + all theme files for all the OTHER theme I am still in the Wordpress Admin - Theme Editor area and it says file edited successfully.

    2. For the front-page.php, functions.php and theme-defaults.php of that custom made child theme, I get redirected to that Error 404 page on my blog. As you can see the URL in the address bar is also different than the files that do work.

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    It sounds like it could be a mod_security issue, where the data being submitted through the editor is triggering a mod_security rule and redirecting you Tina 404 page. If this is the case, @Dead-i usually can modify the rules to eliminate the false positive.
  3. Dead-i

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    Mod Security automatically prevents requests that contain some content that looks similar to JavaScript/PHP, because this could potentially be used for web-based injection attacks. While I can disable individual rules for individual accounts, I would rather not risk disabling such a generic rule. Instead, please edit your files manually using cPanel File Manager or FTP, which do not have such restrictions. WordPress have a (brief) article on this under "Editing Files Offline", if that helps.

    Thank you,
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