Xenogears vs. Xenosaga

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ryoko126, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Ok, many will agree that Xenogears is the better game, but what is your opinions?

    Here's my opinion...

    Xenogears had a much better overall story and one of the best battle systems I've ever seen. The only real problem was Disk 2 was severely rushed.

    However Xenosaga, while the first game was great, the rest just went downhill. The second game's battle system, while original, was hard to enjoy Especially without a pause button!!!! The third game felt overall rushed and the battle system was very simple.

    But the worst travesty against the Xenosaga series was the "heroine" Shion Uzuki. I hated her attitude and she just got worse and worse. She got extremely hateful to everyone she came across (Especially her brother) and in the third game she dressed like she was trying for the part of "I was a teenage street walker." (If you haven't noticed, I'm trying not to use bad words.)

    However I did like the characters Jin (Citan's doppleganger) and Jr. (A feisty Billy clone).

    Anyway I'm liable to get flamed for my opinion of Shion, but what are your opinions in all this?

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