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To prevent abuse to the free hosting servers, x10 has implemented a policy where it temporarily suspends accounts that reach and bust the limit placed on server resource usage. This means that resource intensive scripts can possibly get flagged by the system, even if it's the only time they will be ever ran.

The type of suspension issued by High Resource Usage (HRU) is different from other suspensions in that in only blocks access to your website. You can still log into cPanel and FTP to attempt to fix your issue. Any account found breaking the resource usage limits will be suspended for 1 hour. If your site goes over the limit too frequently, your site will be suspended for 24 hours. Community Assistants are unable to unsuspend you for HRU suspensions, you must wait the hour.

[edit] Resource Limits

As of fall 2011:

  • 300 seconds of CPU time per hour

To get your suspended, your site has to surpass the above limit. Usually, reaching that limit indicates a bug in your scripts.

[edit] Wordpress

Wordpress (WP) is a known CPU hog and with just a few plug-ins can cause an HRU suspension. A caching plug-in should help reduce WP's load on the server, but it may not be sufficient to prevent HRU suspensions, and on large sites will actually cause high resource usage during the cache generation.

WP plug-ins are often the source of HRU suspensions. Try the advice in the next section to figure out which plug-ins are safe to enable.

[edit] Troubleshooting

There currently isn't a direct way of determining what may have caused a suspension. If this happens to you more than once, you'll have to use trial and error to figure out what components (e.g. plug-ins, scripts) were a factor in the suspension, and which are safe to run.

  1. First, note the maximum period that your site runs without getting suspended (e.g. 1 week).
  2. Disable all components but one,
  3. Then re-enable others (starting with the most important) at twice the suspension period (e.g. fortnightly).
  4. If your site gets suspended, disable the last enabled component.

You can try to reduce the test period by running a load test on your site. Basically, find out your site's peak usage and use some tool to request pages on your site at double the peak frequency. If this doesn't cause an HRU suspension, you can enable more components and repeat the load test.

If you re-enable comonents more frequently, you can't be very sure that the last enabled component is the most problematic and is thus the one to disable. Even with a long period between re-enabling components, your site still might get the occasional HRU suspension. If all else fails, you could try installing different blogging software. Check Softaculous in your site's cPanel for easy installation.

You can also try creating a duplicate installation of the site on your own computer, which will allow you to monitor CPU usage. Run a load tester on another computer in the local network to generate traffic to get a more accurate picture of how the site software will perform under stress. Keep in mind that, due to differences in hardware and software configuration, the exact performance will differ between the X10 install and your local install, but this should be enough to give a rough idea of where problems lie.

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