How to Receive Hosting Support

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The first thing you should do if you need hosting support is to search our forums and check this Wiki.

There are two final options if you believe your issue/question is unique or pertains to your account in particular.

[edit] Forum Support

You can receive support from our Community Support Representatives and the community on our forums. Please click here to create a new forum topic.

Be sure to write a meaningful, specific description. Descriptions like "Please help" or "help me" do not allow the support representatives to assist you promptly - every support ticket is someone asking for help. Additionally, the explanation should be clear and specific. Where applicable, write a list of all the steps required to reproduce the issue. If you are getting any error messages, include the exact message text. Include any relevant software, such as your web browser, including the version number.

You can access existing tickets from the Account Portal, using the "View Tickets" item on the "Support" menu.

[edit] Live Chat

Our chat system is an IRC server. There is no guarantee that you will receive help promptly; support through IRC is subject to the availability of online Community Support Representatives. You can use our supplied IRC web gateway or you can use your own client. For more details, please visit the dedicated IRC wiki.

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