How to Relink Your Hosting and Forum Accounts

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Go to Account Management Panel and login.

Next, point you mouse to Account in the top navigation, then click on Forum account in the dropdown.

If your hosting account is linked with another forums account, you will get this message.

Your current forum account is XXXXXX.
You may swap usernames if your primary forum account is linked to another client account.

If your hosting account is not linked with any forums account, you will get this message.

You currently do not have a forum account linked to your client account.
Swap forum usernames if you have an existing client account with an incorrect forum link

Click on You may swap usernames or Swap forum usernames link. Enter credentials of your desired forums account there and then click on the Swap Forum Account link button.

Note: Make sure that the email of client account and forums account is same, otherwise you will get an error.

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