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New users at x10hosting are provided with a free subdomain. There is a selection of endings to choose from, such as and

There is also support for adding your own domain name.

Before you begin, make sure your domain is pointed to the correct nameservers in your domain name provider's control panel:

  •; and,

Remember that DNS can take up to 48 hours to update.

You must clear out both your DNS and browser cache after completing the following steps.

There are two ways to add your domain name to your x10Hosting account:

  • Addon Domain; or,
  • Parked Domain.

[edit] Addon Domain

An addon domain allows you to run an additional website from your hosting account. It loads the web files from a sub-folder you can choose in the public_html directory.

Login to your cPanel and browse to Addon Domains in the Domains box.

Fill in the boxes, including your domain name and the path to the folder you want to host the files for this additional website from. Note that although you are asked for details to create a new username/password for this domain, your current login details still have full access.

Modify your addon domain in cPanel

Upload all your files for this domain in your specified folder, such as /public_html/

[edit] Parked Domain

A parked domain will show the exact same site as your main domain. The key difference is that the email accounts are separate from your main domain unless you added the email account as a catch-all email.

Login to your cPanel and browse to Parked Domains in the Domains box.

Enter the name of your own domain and click Add Domain.

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