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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Image uploads322:38, 30 January 2011
Finishing the theme421:13, 9 August 2010
FlaggedRev115:12, 5 August 2010
Link Colors319:58, 4 August 2010

Image uploads

could svg file be allowed?

xav0989 user | talk16:33, 30 January 2011

Oh and could the common licenses be added also, i.e. all the cc licenses, the gpl and apache also.

xav0989 user | talk16:37, 30 January 2011

I'll poke Corey to install rsvg, which is needed before I can allow svg files (or they can't be rendered, which would suck). As for the licenses, you can actually do that yourself by editing a few pages in the MediaWiki namespace. I'm not sure what they are offhand, but you should be able to find them after searching Special:AllMessages on Wikipedia and copy/pasting the relevant ones here.

Skizzerz20:24, 30 January 2011

I didn't know that, I'll be sure to add them then!

xav0989 user | talk22:38, 30 January 2011

Finishing the theme

I feel there are 2 main things that need to be corrected before the theme can be deemed finished:

  • When in anonymous mode, there is no right-side rounded corner in the right navigation. It feels weird.
  • In the print view, there is way too much footer content. The links can be removed, replaced all-together for a link to x10hosting's main website, and is there really a need for the images. A copyright notice should suffice. Maybe moving the x10hosting image to the header of the page would help...
xav0989 user | talk11:02, 9 August 2010

Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on those items.

Skizzerz12:35, 9 August 2010

There really isn't a good way to get the x10hosting image up to the header since it has a colored background and I don't have any version of it with a transparent bg :(

I have trimmed down the unnecessary stuff from the print view and fixed the missing rounded corner when logged out.

Skizzerz13:57, 9 August 2010


I'd say go for flaggedRev.

xav0989 user | talk11:46, 5 August 2010

Consider it done.

Skizzerz15:12, 5 August 2010

Link Colors

I find the colours used for the links a bit hard on the eyes with the default theme. Would it be possible to use something slightly darker?

xav0989 user | talk
19:44, 4 August 2010

I'd suggest something along the lines of #557711, it's still green but it's slightly darker.

xav0989 user | talk
19:50, 4 August 2010

OK, how's that? Also, you should fix your signature -- you appear to have a space in front of it.

Skizzerz19:55, 4 August 2010

I added the color 336600 to the MediaWiki:X10.css file, it should be easier that way. And thanks for the signature :P

xav0989 user | talk
19:58, 4 August 2010
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