What is the Difference Between a Parked and Addon Domain

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When you add a domain in cPanel, you have two options: Parked or Addon.

  • A parked domain will show the exact same site as your main domain. It loads the files from the public_html folder. However, the email accounts are separate from your main domain unless you added the email account as a wild card email. Parked domains can also be redirected, so that a user that visits the parked domain is redirected to the main domain.
  • A addon domain allows you to run a separate site. It loads the files from a descendent folder of your public_html folder. You can pick public_html as the site root, in which case an addon domain will show the same site as your main domain.

For the technical details of how cPanel implements parked and add-on domains, read "VirtualHosts, Parked Domains, Subdomains, Addon Domains, and Symlinking".

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