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Many of the webpages you view every day are stored in a place called the 'cache'. Although the cache is handy for accessing webpages faster without the need of downloading the entire webpage again from the server, there are some situations where you need to view the latest, updated version of a page without it being affected by the old content stored in the cache. So what's the solution? Clear the cache!

An example of a page which you might want to refresh is the Server Error page. The Server Error page is usually cached by the web browser. This causes the server error page to be displayed even though the site is actually working properly. Clearing the cache is perfectly safe - if you visit a website after the cache is cleared then the updated version is simply recached - no harm done.

The following wiki articles contain step-by-step instructions to clear your cache:

If you are still seeing an outdated page after following the instructions in those wiki articles, then it could be due to ISP caching. If this is the case, then you will need to wait approximately 24 hours for the ISP cache to clear - this is out of your control.

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