How to Clear Your Browser Cache

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[edit] Introduction

Clearing your browser cache can often help you troubleshoot DNS issues, especially when experiencing the default web page CGI. This is probably the only time I need to do this.
Due to the many browsers, we will try and cover as many as possible.

[edit] Windows

[edit] Mozilla Firefox (Version 3+)

Firefox "clear recent history" preferences box.
  • Click "Tools", then "Clear Recent History".
  • A box will pop up asking you to specify what you want to clear. Select "Everything" from the drop-down menu, and ensure the only ticked box is Cache.
  • Click "clear now".
  • Restart your browser (may not be necessary with newer versions).

[edit] Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer "Safety" menu.
Internet Explorer clear data window.
  • Click "Safety", then select "Delete Browsing History...".
  • A window will appear. Adjust the tick boxes so only "Temporary internet files" is ticked. Do not tick "Preserve favourites website data".
  • Once you're happy you've done that, click delete.
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