Nulled Scripts

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Nulled scripts are scripts, almost always paid, that have security measures to enforce unlawful distribution taken out. This is illegal and x10Hosting has a zero tolerance policy in place for nulled scripts.

If your account is suspended for a nulled script, it will not be unsuspended and will be terminated. Do not create a ticket unless can prove to us that you are not using a nulled script. You will not be able to receive a backup of your account.

Two good examples of nulled scripts (and how to avoid them) are vBulletin and Invision Power Board. Both of these are widely available, but only when purchased and downloaded from their original sites are they legal. If you were to download them from anywhere else, it has incredibly high odds that it's been nulled. When in doubt, do your research - plug the script's name into Google and look for the actual homepage for the script. If it costs money and you found a spot to get it for free, it's nulled.

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