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So, this tutorial will be a brief overview of how to set up Google Apps on x10.

First of all, you need to sign up for Google Apps at The above link is for Google Apps standard, which is free, and allows you to add up to 50 email accounts.

Once you have signed up, you will be asked to confirm ownership of the domain.


Verify domain ownership

To activate your account, you need to verify that you own your domain name. Verification does not disrupt your existing services, and ensures that only authorized administrators can manage Google Apps for your domain. We recommend that you verify ownership right away.

You can create a CNAME record or upload an HTML file without influencing your existing email accounts or web pages. These changes will either happen through your web host or your advanced DNS provider, and you may require their assistance.


Access to your advanced DNS is required for the CNAME method. You may need to contact your domain host

Web hosting is required for the HTML method.

How to do it

You have two options to verify that you own the domain: create a CNAME record or upload an HTML file. Click Activate Google Apps at the top of your control panel to select a method. Both methods require that you sign in to your account with your domain host. If instructions for your domain host aren't provided, or you're having trouble creating your CNAME record, please contact your domain host directly. Google provides the necessary information for a CNAME record, but doesn't support your domain host's user interface beyond the CNAME record guide. Once you've completed the appropriate steps with your domain host, be sure to click Verify to finish the process in the Google Apps control panel. You'll know when verification is complete by checking the status of your services. Next to Calendar, for example, it will say Active instead of Updating.

Activate Mail

In order to activate mail, you need to point your hosting to Google's mail servers. To do this, log into your cPanel, and select MX Entry.

In the MX window, add a new record with priority 0 and destination: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

Once that is completed, it may take up to 48 hours for Google to notice the change and update their servers.

When everything is processed, google will show "Email active" in green, and you can create accounts using the users tab.

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