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Accounts that do not abide by x10Hosting's comprehensive Terms of Service and Acceptable Usage Policy are suspended. There are various different types of suspension that are detailed below. As part of the sign-up process, you agreed to abide by these policies.


As part of the Terms of Service for free hosting accounts, you are required to log in to the forums once every 31 days. With this classification of suspension, is it possible to self-unsuspend. Log in to the x10Hosting Account Portal at Please note that only forum logins count towards activity, Account Portal and cPanel logins do not count.

It is possible to remove the activity requirement from your account by purchasing Prime Membership

Zero Tolerance

Account suspension reasons containing the code "ZT" are "Zero Tolerance" suspensions. These suspensions are high severity and there is little to no chance of the account being restored. x10Hosting does, however, entertain tickets requesting an additional manual verification.

Self Unsuspension

Some suspensions may be cleared by yourself through the portal.

Login Screen.

First, login to the x10Hosting Account Portal with your email address and password.

Suspension Notice.

Next, click "Click here to resolve" in the notice.

Inactivity Details.

Suspension details will show up.

Unsuspend Click.

Click on "Unsuspend"

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