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Adds a banner to the page. You would usually place this at the top of the page or header to warn the user about something in the following content. This is a meta-template and chances are that a more specific template would suit your needs.


|content=Content of message (required) - The first unnamed parameter is used if content is not specified
|border-color=Color of border (optional) - Default is #c5c5c5
|background-color=Color of background (optional) - Default is #f9f9f9
|border=Style of border, overrides border-color (optional)


{{Messagebox|content=Sample Messagebox 1}}
Sample Messagebox 1
{{Messagebox|Sample Messagebox 2}}
Sample Messagebox 2
{{Messagebox|Sample Messagebox 3 ''with [[Main Page|wiki]] markup''}}
Sample Messagebox 3 with wiki markup
{{Messagebox|Sample Messagebox 4|border-color=#ff5555|background-color=#ffcccc}}
Sample Messagebox 4
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