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The x10Hosting Forum is a vBulletin forum set up for all of our hosting users to interact. It is also our main gateway for support. Corey, the main administrator of x10Hosting, started the forum on December 26, 2004.

Screenshot of the x10Hosting Forums.



News and Announcements

In this forum, very important news and announcements are posted by staff members. This could be news such as hosting updates or announcements of a contest.

Useful Information

Corey set up this forum to put much of our most frequently accessed information in one place. Only staff members can create topics in this forum.

Feedback and Suggestions

This is where users are free to either compliment us or criticize our services. Posts criticizing us should be posted in a non-flaming manner. It is also the place where users can thank us for our hard work.


Here, all current members get to meet and greet the new members of x10Hosting. A simple 'Howdy!' or 'Welcome!' is appropriate. Never forget to smile.

The Community

Off Topic

The Off Topic forum is a place where users can posts topics that don't belong anywhere else. As the forum name implies, topics are bound to go off topic.

Gamer's Lounge

The Gamer's Lounge is where users can talk about everything gaming. This could be discussions from the Atari2600 or to the Xbox 360.


Here, users are able to make well thought discussions. It is the round table of x10Hosting.

Computers & Technology

In this forum, users can discuss everything related to computers. This could be anything from software to hardware.

Forum Games

Forum Games is the place for users to basically play games with the other users. There are many games that have gained popularity in this forum.

Site Design & Development

Graphics & Webdesign

Users can post their digital, artistic creations in this forum.

Programming Help

Programming Help is where users can post help on a certain program. Community members respond whenever they believe they have a fix to the problem.

Scripts & 3rd Party Apps

Scripts & 3rd Party Apps is a place for discussion of different scripts available for download. Examples include Content Managing Systems and Forums. Errors related to these scripts can also be posted here.

Review My Site

In Review My Site, users can post their website link and other users can comment or make suggestions on the website.


Tutorials on just about anything useful goes here. These tutorials are not limited to x10Hosting services.

Site Promotion

The Marketplace

This is where users can buy or sell services using x10Hosting's monetary unit, credits. Currently, our credit system is broken meaning that this forum is in a frozen state. Many users have IOUs for other users.

Earning Money

In this forum, users can discuss ways of earning money using their websites. It has drifted off of its intended course and now users are free to discuss how to earn money without using their websites. An example is a PTC, or Pay-To-Click, program.


Advertising is the place for users to talk about how to advertise their site and make it well known. Users should not advertise here.

Link Exchange

Users can post their website link here and other users can post their website links here. The users will swap links and post them on their website. This is designed to increase traffic users' websites.

Ads & Offers

Ads & Offers is where users can post requests for services or sell their services. Ads & offers involving credits should be posted in The Marketplace.

Community Support

Free Hosting

Free Hosting is where hosting users can post support threads. Usually, our community support team will review the threads and answer all the ones that they can. If they cannot answer a support threads, it is escalated into our support ticket system where a staff member can assist the user.


This is the Spanish equivalent of the Free Hosting forum.

VPS Talk

This is where VPS users can post questions for other VPS users to answer.

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