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Apr 25, 2008
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Generally Helpful Member, Male, from IL, USA

Community Support
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Apr 1, 2020 at 7:05 PM
    1. RobertJohnson
    2. SylvanOgre
      I see that the thread at was closed, which of course you have the authority to do.
      It ws suggested that the best resloution would be to continue posting in the forum. I must disagree (based on empirical evidence) that this is the best way to resolve the issue. This issue has been going on for almost a year, with the issue coming and going every other couple of weeks when I login. I have been posting on this issue since Sept 30;, 2010 (with some of my postings getting deleted during the "migration"... not a big deal), and finally have some constructive information on where the problem could be located.

      I was hoping that the information included in could be forwarded to someone skilled and knowledgable of the scripts/code coming from

      Thank you for your time.
    3. joshuaowned85
    4. John Klyne
      John Klyne
      Ah okay, it is a big project indeed.

      I wish you the best of luck on your projects buddy.

      I'll see you around. (well you understand what i mean :)
    5. John Klyne
      John Klyne
    6. juliaskitchen71
      there is a flaw.. it's ok to have a shoutbox... but it needs to be clear it is.. I know now.. i didn't before.. and it looked like a PM box.. ok?
    7. juliaskitchen71
      whats that 9 pages of junk about?
    8. juliaskitchen71
      hi hi.. mr usa i guess

      I'm on your side.. mght be a bit pointed and acidic at times.. ut always on the side of the owners,,

      You know who I am.. janrocks ;) .. ex site admin of llammas xbox forums.. now owner of gsuk and juliaskitchen.. so I'm a good girl:) but i think you guessed that earlier... proper site admins are few and far between on free hostings.. so if you don't mind I'll leann some of these muppets in the ways of the site-op.. if that's ok..??

      It's a balance of needle and respect.. a very fine balance i'm sure you agree.. enouh needle to get a response.. not enouh to get boted.. when talking to the boss anyhow ;) wtf.. you know this crap

      lets whip he rest of em into a community.. cos that's what I see is lacking right now.. might be an idea to drop the points and repscores.. they are looking for them and not answering questions that are relevant and valid....
      Paula.. regards
    9. adamparkzer
      I just realized that I forgot to respond to your last message.

      I'll leave it up there, he needs more people to talk to on AIM anyway.
    10. Danielx386
      Can't wait :)
    11. unknwon5
      Thanks, and its no problem. I understand mate. ;) Thats why I paid for vbulletin so my sites won't get shut down, because its legit.
    12. Danielx386
      Thankyou :)
    13. Danielx386
      Can you get on IRC please?
    14. Danielx386
      Nice, I can't wait. What i'm using for now is ok, but at one point, it could fall over :)
    15. Danielx386
      Will this tool email database backup every like 6 hours?
    16. adamparkzer
      Thanks, I'm sure you can join me as a Community Spam Staff Member as well soon enough. :)
      You already congratulated me on #LiquidPHP.
      And I didn't really expect you to add Edward. This has been recurring and he needs to learn that not everyone on my friends list is his friend.
    17. adamparkzer
      I got a "good reason" for you from Ed:

      (4:57:25 PM) adamparkzer: Garrett Royce said he would accept your friend request if you give him one good reason to
      (4:57:41 PM) pandaluvzor: ok here it is
      (4:57:44 PM) pandaluvzor: the reason is
      (4:57:48 PM) pandaluvzor: ILH
      (4:57:54 PM) pandaluvzor: ALOT
      (4:58:03 PM) adamparkzer: I'll be sure to deliver that message to him
      (4:58:06 PM) pandaluvzor: do it
      (4:58:22 PM) pandaluvzor: deliver the message
      (4:58:26 PM) pandaluvzor: and much much more
    18. Danielx386
      Well, I need some credit as well :)
    19. Danielx386
      Hey, come an play the games, that will help get your points up :)
    20. adamparkzer
      Edward Lam is sitting next to me right now and he wants you to accept his Facebook friend request.

      I don't think you should do it.
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