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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by wooprapp, Jul 16, 2019.

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    I’ve been working on trying to get my website/app’s Emails to deploy to the “Inbox” but they keep going to “Spam”. I’ve setup my DNS using SPF, DKIM, etc. I run the “Email Deliverability” tests and I’ve set everything in accordance to the recommendations via x10 and x10 says they’re all “Valid” but I still get thrown into the “Spam”.

    Emails I send are only from my Server itself.

    I have an Email Inbox for User Support and Personal Use and those get delivered to the “Inbox” fine.

    The problem only happens when the Server sends the Emails (Account Verification, Password Recovery, etc.). I’ve analyzed my “Headers” on Email Providers and it claims that “dkim=fail reason=“Key not found in DNS”. But everything claims it’s correct?

    Only places I see any errors is using some DKIM tools cause it wants my records like “sub1._defaultkey...”* but x10 wants it as “defaultkey...sub1”.

    My domain name is: friendifie.com, I use the two sub-domains api and woopr. I send technical emails from support@friendifie.com.

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