Can only upload 250MB, how to change it so I have unlimited??

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by grx10ho2, May 14, 2018.

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    Pretty much what the title asks. I've created a basic Flash AS2 website to download 3D model rips, which has reached the limit pretty quick. I read in a thread that I have ask an administrator to update my account, and be a member for 1 week, so I was hoping someone would be able to do this for me.

    Also, I read that the file size limit 10MB and anything above this will be deleted after roughly a week. Can anyone confirm this for me please?

    My web address is: if anyone wants to check it out!
    As you can tell, the iOS link doesn't work because the 250MB limit was reached.

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    File Storage
    Hosting accounts may not be used to store backups, personal files, or non-web accessible files. Any files hosted on the account must be directly related to the website the account is intended for. Files over 10MB in size will be automatically removed from non-upgraded accounts.

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