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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Corey, Dec 13, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    cPanel was unfortunately acquired by a venture capital company earlier this year which resulted in them changing the pricing structure for cPanel. Under the new structure the licensing is no longer done by server but by account, which is not sustainable for free hosting as we'd be paying thousands of dollars per server per month just in licensing.

    We've been attempting to work out a deal on this licensing but have been unable to come to an agreement so we will need to migrate free hosting from cPanel to DirectAdmin. We're also going to take this opportunity to clean up a lot of old systems and records that have been accumulating for the past 15 years. This will undoubtedly be the largest maintenance we've performed to date and we do expect some issues.

    While we've thoroughly tested the migration process to minimize impact to accounts I expect we'll run into issues once we start migrating live data and accounts, especially with the age and history of some of our accounts being over 10 years old. I'm hoping to complete this migration over the next week. If you're using our DNS servers you should see little to no downtime of your actual website though accounting functions such as logging into cPanel to manage things may be limited while we update the backend systems. If you're not using our DNS servers please look for a follow up post as the IP address of your website will be changing as it is migrated.

    Inactivity suspensions will not be imposed until the migration is completed as we do expect interruptions to your ability to login the backend during this time. Our first priority is making sure the websites stay up and working along with email and FTP.

    More information to follow this weekend as we start the migrations.

    * We have multiple full backups of every account stored offsite, if something goes wrong with your account migration or anything is missing we do have it backed up and safe.
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