Has anybody else had this problem?

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    Three weeks ago (Feb 23) a phishing site on x01 caused Google to block all the sites hosted on that server. (Thread here.) Mine was one of them. By the next day it appears the problem was resolved for others, but not for me.

    I submitted my site to Google Search Console the next day for review, and on Feb 25 I received a message saying the review had been successful and the warnings would be removed in the next few hours. Nope, no such luck. The console says the site *isn't* blocked and isn't listed in the database, and I even searched through the clearinghouse at stopbadware.org and it's definitely not listed there, which means it shouldn't trigger any warnings, yet it does.

    I thought it was possible it was a caching issue at my end, but I get the issue from two different computers, running two different systems, plus users in other countries see it as well from both Firefox and Chrome.

    I posted a second thread requesting help and Livewire responded saying he wasn't getting the warning. I'm completely lost. Why is it only showing up for some visitors?? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? What am I missing?

    I even tried requesting a new subdomain name in the hopes that the issue would go away, but I don't even know if the post was noticed by admins.

    Attached: screenshots of the warning I still get with Firefox and the confirmation from Google



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