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    This is a tutorial on how to make maximum winnings out of swagbucks.

    For those who don't know, swagbucks is a website where you can search through them, and win points redeemable for prizes. If you dont have one, you should sign up.
    My referral Swag Store
    And for those that dont like me, the non-refer Search & Win

    Most people go for the 5$ amazon gift cards, as they are the best value, 45 points for one.

    Normally, you would only win about a point a day and it would take 1.5 months to earn an amazon gift (without any referrals) but this tutorial will show you how to gain twice that, easily.

    1. Search bot

    Here is a simple search bot that works for a variety of sites, but swagbucks is included.


    So take your "mycheatpages.rar" and extract files. Then open mycheatpages.

    Once in my cheat pages
    go site>swagbucks

    sign in and press start. It will do 20 searches at random intervals before you have to restart it. I run two instances of it at once.

    It has a built in browser that remembers your login, so you dont have to log in every time

    I've been getting 3-4 points daily with this. It really helps you rack up those points

    2. Always use an account registered on your referral id.
    create an account through your main accounts referral id and use the secondary account until you earn 100 points. This way you get double the points if you are going to spend it on something that costs under 100. Once you exhaust the 100 limit, create a new account, rinse and repeat.

    3. Free contest swagbuck

    go to this url every 2 or so days, and enter the swagcode into your account for an extra free swagbuck Its expired atm, but thats because its currently on an off day

    4. Go through proxies

    Sometimes, but not always, you can search swagbucks through a proxy to earn even more points.

    All you have to do is search through the proxy (with out signing in) until you win a swagbuck. Then you will be prompted to enter your swag id. Once you enter it, the swagbuck will be deposited into your account. Keep doing this through different proxies to increase your daily earnings.

    Hope this helps, and have fun getting free stuff:D

    tutorial by dj0wns
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    Thanks this really helped a lot!

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