I am currently making a social network.

Discussion in 'Review My Site' started by talklyx1, Feb 23, 2014.

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    I am making a social networking site called Talkly and I'm not really sure what the target niche is yet but I have the overall design started. I was going for the simplistic iOS 7 look like Twitter started doing. It's got a long way to go but how am I doing? Don't be too critical its a new project. It's ran by Wordpress so my options are pretty limited when it comes to design. I tried Joomla.. But dang that is complicated.

    www.talkly.co <---- .com was taken and the register said .co was a social domain anyhow.
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    Not a bad start! I have a few suggestions:

    On the registration page:
    • Instead of "Registering for this site is easy..." above the registration form, state what your site is all about.
    • The Captcha is floating over part of the text box that says, "This field can be seen by: Everyone" in Firefox. I'm not sure about other browsers, but move the Captcha down to avoid confusion.
    • Make the "Complete sign up" button much bigger and more significant. If it's small and off to the right of the rest of the form, people will get confused.
    On the site:
    • The logo could be a bit smaller at the top of the page (I like how the top bar scrolls down as I do).
    • I like the overall design/flow of the site, but the gray of the main content is too dark.
    • Put the link to the blog at the footer of the page. That way, only pages that pertain to users rather than development are above the fold.
    • "Activity Streams" is too long a name. Try "Stream" or "Wall" or something like that.
    • Along with a niche, add some functionality alongside the Activity Stream. For example, photo sharing, events, or any kind of plugin.

    I know this seems like a lot, but I think these will make the entire site better. So far, though, your site shows a lot of promise. Keep up the good work!
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