Old image still loading on page?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wsccx102, Jul 1, 2019.

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    My website is wscc.x10host.com

    I just edited the banner and changed the long shadow behind the text from rust red to black. But it is still loading the old image of the rust red long shadow. I have cleared my cache a bunch of times on both my laptop and my phone and my tablet, I even deleted the image completely and it still loaded the same image! I did upload and overwrite the image with the same name. I know I could solve the problem if I renamed the image and forced it to load a "new" image, but I don't want to have to edit the code on every single page. Does anyone know why the old image is still being loaded up? Do I need to clear all my caches 90 times before I will see it? I do not use Cloudflare or anything like that.

    **EDIT: NVM, Dsrg this thread. It turns out x10host is just slow. I can see it now.**

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