PHP script dosen't work

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by nexthost, Sep 27, 2015.

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    So sorry about that; I misread an earlier post.

    You won't be able to connect to your TeamSpeak server using your PHP framework from an x10Hosting account, due to the firewall we have in place. There is no way around this. Unfortunately, the only option here would be to host your control panel elsewhere.

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    If is only for test as you said before, you can install on the actual windows you have, so no VM.

    If you don't trust "on-line" shopping, you'll never grow up like a PRO Dev. Keep in mind is not the job of host provider to be secure when you paid for a services like VPS, it's YOUR job to be mostly secure.

    1) You can install all services in your actual machine to create environment test for your script or whatever you want.
    2) Windows is not the best OS to do host and be lightweight, keep in mind to test multiples OS and services to finally get the right OS and software for your personal use.

    PLEASE, don't faceplam smiles, you ask question and we give free-time to help you.


    In short, you want a PRO services 24/7 online, for absolutely free, it's not fair. I think you skip some steps here, let's start to learn the bases of Linux/Debian and be able to mount VM and play a bit with, after.. open your eyes to the actual internet provider and if it's necessary, paid for a pro services OR buy your own server at home.

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